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Glen Kemp

Kemp Valuation Services LLC

Mortgage lenders, homeowners, and real estate professionals have relied on our expertise in providing high-quality value estimates for a wide variety of property types in Brevard County. We continuously keep up with local and regional real estate trends and stay current with the latest valuation techniques through accredited courses and training. We consistently deliver reliable home valuations for people just like you.

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Seeking a Commercial Value?

We also provide valuations for commercial property such as:

  • Industrial parks, light manufacturing, and various warehouses
  • Office buildings with multiple or single tenant/owner-occupied
  • Fast food and family restaurants and other retail properties
  • Multi-family apartment projects and residential condominiums
  • Skilled nursing facilities and religious facilities
  • Self-storage facilities, data centers, and distribution centers

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Why Choose Kemp Valuation Services LLC?

Kemp Valuation Services LLC depends on the latest appraisal tools and methods to provide timely and competitively priced appraisal reports. Customer service is our primary focus. We treat our clients like we want to be treated. Our objective is to provide the best possible experience for our clients. Call us today so we can prove to you why we're the best.

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